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Here is a photo of the State's
Second Largest Pike. This fish was
caught by David Lenza
What makes Frank so different is that he takes his time and does
his fish work very different from commercial work. He will cast all
fins and head which gives you extreme quality and a fish that has
no grease bleed outs. Those of you that have old mounts can see
in time many brown spots coming from the fins and head areas.
This is a normal process that happens when you use the original
fins and heads. Also instead of buying a body that came from
some other fish, he will hand carve a body that will fit your fish
with total accuracy.
Yes his work costs a bit more to get this quality and work but
there's nothing commercial about it!
This Smallmouth Won Best of Category Warm Water
Fish At the 2005 PTA Show
Master's Level also 3rd Best in the World
This Bluegill won best reproduction and
PA Fish Commission Award at the 2005
PTA Show
Master's Level  also First place in the
Master's World Show
Here are a few fish Frank has
recreated. Some of these fish won
State, World and National Shows.
Here is a good look at the detail work Frank does.
Each Scale is hand painted in to make it look as
realistic as possible. Very few Taxidermist can
accomplish this correctly
37 lb king salmon
2014 State
Here is a before and after paint job on a fish
2015 State Champion